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Most of us are student and every single day, we turn the pages of our boring and tedious text book, trying to learn, find answers or just to fulfill all righteousness. I say take a break every now and again to refresh your memory, you know get your zen back on track. Depending on your personality, theres are so much thing you can do, for example if you are a very active person, you can go for a stroll, play some sports, or just go work out, on the other hand, if you are more of a relaxed person, the options are limitlessness. For one you could play video games,  read a book, talk with friends or just think.


For this blog, I’m going to focus on reading books Yes Yes, I know some of you out there are like is this guy crazy, how can he suggest using books to escape from book? Believe it or not, books create an unbelievable escape from reality, the thrill it gives is like nothing you can ever imagine, until you read that is.  Personally, action thrillers do the trick for me, and occasional drama does wonders to you emotions. Some of the books i’ll defiantly suggest are The Bourne Series byRobert Ludlum, Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes and Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption ” by Stephen King . For starters you can read theses books and see how they make you feel. Next week, I’ll discuss working out

Here’s a preview of the movie Bourne Identity

Please Read before you Watch


Top 5 Dishes to Uplift Your Soul

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Unlike most of the compilations out there that consist of the same old cliché meals and snacks, you know like double chocolate cake, ice cream, devils pie and the list goes on. My list consists of good ol soul food that would uplift your body and soul upon your first bite. Granted, these dishes are packed with calories but, look at it this way, how many lives do you live, take a break and treat your self to some of the theses dishes afterwards promise yourself you will definitely go to the gym….

5) Good ol Home made Turkey Burger – King of all American meals, you will never ever ever regret putting her in your mouth

4) Chinese Chicken Fried rice coupled with a Sizzling BBq Chicken

3)Lazy Lasagna Bolognese don’t you just admire that name. combine this nad boy with a bowl of ice cream and your mind would be blooowwwn!!!

2)Pork Chops with Warm Black-Eyed Pea Salad.. Trust me, you will slap anyone who attempts to take a bit from you, yes even your mum

1) Pounded Yam and Egusi New to most of you, this here is the bad ass of all african meals

Ok Food lover, please enjoy these great compilation Rachel Ray eating, kinda lame, but trust me its appetizing .

Leave LeBron James Alone

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Every one keeps going on about how Lebron could really turn his back on he’s franchise (Cleveland Cavaliers) and sign with an already stacked (Miami Heat).

Ask your self this question before you judge him, if I had the chance to claim the ultimate price, the only thing have worth playing for, with two of my best friends in a city as vibrant as Miami will I move? ya i though so, your answer is probably YES!!! so please don’t antagonize Lebron for moving, if you wanna fault him, doing so in the manner in which he departed.

Lebron, Wade amd Bosh having a laugh

Departing from a city in such a flamboyant manner definitely calls for some criticism. No player in the history of the game has really embarrassed their former club in such a way, delaying your response and announcing it on ESPN – Decision, for that and that only, I say shame on you Lebron and your P.R folks.

In saying all of this, I think its fair to say its all over now, we can move on now, the season begins in a few weeks and i wish the Heats and the remaining 29 teams in the NBA nothing but good luck and a healthy season.

Hello world!

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