Leave LeBron James Alone

Every one keeps going on about how Lebron could really turn his back on he’s franchise (Cleveland Cavaliers) and sign with an already stacked (Miami Heat).

Ask your self this question before you judge him, if I had the chance to claim the ultimate price, the only thing have worth playing for, with two of my best friends in a city as vibrant as Miami will I move? ya i though so, your answer is probably YES!!! so please don’t antagonize Lebron for moving, if you wanna fault him, doing so in the manner in which he departed.

Lebron, Wade amd Bosh having a laugh

Departing from a city in such a flamboyant manner definitely calls for some criticism. No player in the history of the game has really embarrassed their former club in such a way, delaying your response and announcing it on ESPN – Decision, for that and that only, I say shame on you Lebron and your P.R folks.

In saying all of this, I think its fair to say its all over now, we can move on now, the season begins in a few weeks and i wish the Heats and the remaining 29 teams in the NBA nothing but good luck and a healthy season.


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