Top 5 Dishes to Uplift Your Soul

Unlike most of the compilations out there that consist of the same old cliché meals and snacks, you know like double chocolate cake, ice cream, devils pie and the list goes on. My list consists of good ol soul food that would uplift your body and soul upon your first bite. Granted, these dishes are packed with calories but, look at it this way, how many lives do you live, take a break and treat your self to some of the theses dishes afterwards promise yourself you will definitely go to the gym….

5) Good ol Home made Turkey Burger – King of all American meals, you will never ever ever regret putting her in your mouth

4) Chinese Chicken Fried rice coupled with a Sizzling BBq Chicken

3)Lazy Lasagna Bolognese don’t you just admire that name. combine this nad boy with a bowl of ice cream and your mind would be blooowwwn!!!

2)Pork Chops with Warm Black-Eyed Pea Salad.. Trust me, you will slap anyone who attempts to take a bit from you, yes even your mum

1) Pounded Yam and Egusi New to most of you, this here is the bad ass of all african meals

Ok Food lover, please enjoy these great compilation Rachel Ray eating, kinda lame, but trust me its appetizing .


One Response to “Top 5 Dishes to Uplift Your Soul”

  1. Haha Your list looks pretty good, i haven’T tasted your number 1 and 2, i’ll try it one day and i’m sure i won’t regret it like you say 😛

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